Show schedule

The 2020 Countdown Improv Festival runs from August 12-16. All shows will be streamed live on this website, and to Twitch:

All times are Eastern Standard Time. All shows will start within 5 minutes of scheduled showtime.

Wednesday, August 12

Okay Google

7:00: Okay Google (St. Petersburg), Internet Friends (Miami/Orlando), Beautiful Dreamers (New York City)

It’s All About Amy

8:30: Ralphie & Tuh (Orlando/Maryland), One Show/Two Guys (Tampa), HaegandButts (New Orleans), It’s All About Amy (St. Augustine, Fla.)

Thursday, August 13


7:00: The HR Department (St. Petersburg), C.Y.A. (St. Petersburg), Dirty Blondes (Delray Beach)

El Improviachi

8:25: Don’t Let Matt Improvise?! (St. Petersburg), El Improviachi (Chicago), tum tum (Chicago)

Katie & Chris

9:50: Katie & Chris (Denver), Let’s Get Real (Orlando), Hot Mess! The Musical (Chicago/Kansas City/Nashville)

Friday, August 14

Chicken & Waffles
Photo: Michele Alvarez

6:30 p.m. EDT: I Win Improv (Bethesda, Md.), Chicken & Waffles (Tampa), Musical Swords (Bonita Springs, Fla.)


7:50 p.m. EDT: Impromptu (Sarasota), JewMama (Gainesville), ¡Punctuation.Marks! (Miami)


9:05 p.m. EDT: Cuzzins (Miami), The Project (Austin), Gene Pool Party (Bonita Springs, Fla.)

Liss n’ Sams

10:30 p.m. EDT: I Am the Show (Chicago), Liss n’ Sams (San Francisco), Wisconsin Laugh Trip (Richmond)

Saturday, August 15

The B-Team
Photo: Dan Deming-Henes

6:00 p.m. EDT: Meta?Nigma (St. Petersburg), The B-Team (Miami), Crossed Wires (Madison, Wis.)

Together/By Myself: A Solo Improv Experience

7:20 p.m. EDT: Together/By Myself: A Solo Improv Experience (Coconut Creek, Fla.), HBCUnity (Miami), Playtime with Patrick and Preston (Chicago)


8:45 p.m. EDT: We, Robot (Chicago), Coven (St. Petersburg), Big Bang (Boston)

Sweaty Dee

10:00 p.m. EDT: Sweaty Dee (Seattle), The Third Thought (Boulder, Colo./St. Petersburg), Da’Boyz (West Palm Beach, Fla.)

Sunday, August 16

Mixed Emojis
Photo: Patrick Jackson

5:00 p.m. EDT: From Justin to Kelly (New York City), Mixed Emojis (Clearwater), Daddy’s Little Nest Egg (Boca Raton), I Win Improv (Bethesda, Md.)

6:35 p.m. EDT: Sharon & Karen (Washington, D.C.), Snooze Button (Kansas City), Four First Names (Orlando)


7:50 p.m. EDT: CatBird (Delray Beach, Fla.), understated (Miami/West Palm Beach), Bryan vs. Music (Portland, Ore.), The Magnificent 7 (St. Petersburg)

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