Hannah LIVE!

Join Baltimore comedian Hannah Alden Jeffrey and her rotating cast of whackadoodle characters in her debut solo show, Hannah LIVE! Always different! Never boring! Usually interactive, unless the audience is weird! Following its premiere at the Baltimore Improv Festival, the show has continued to pack rooms, and “really impressed” Hannah’s fourth grade teacher when she came to see it.

Hannah Alden Jeffrey
Baltimore, Md.


Hannah LIVE! will perform in the 8:40 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Thursday, August 8.


Hannah Alden Jeffrey is a comedian and producer from Baltimore who wears glasses. She started improv in 2017 because her parents literally signed her up for a class. Since then, Hannah has trained extensively in character work, improv and sketch with the Groundlings Theater, the Baltimore Improv Group and the Pack Theater. She can often be found talking about the gynecologist and eating pasta.