Cats & Dogs

Love your pet? Cats & Dogs want to hear your quirky pet story! Watch while they take inspiration from your furry or not-so-furry friend and create a world of characters — sometimes with cat or dog energy.

Michael J. Astrauskas, Geraldine Carolan
San Francisco, Calif.


Cats & Dogs will perform in the 9:45 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Wednesday, August 7.




Cats & Dogs are a duo comprised of Geraldine Carolan and Michael J. Astrauskas. They are good friends and support each other on and off the stage. Cats & Dogs were born out of a performance opportunity on a visit to Denver in 2021. Their first show was at Chaos Bloom Theater, and since then they have performed at Leela Improv in San Francisco, All Out Comedy in Oakland, and Made Up Theatre in Fremont. They have performed at Red Rocks Improv Festival and Happy Valley XL Improv Festival.

Geraldine Carolan, originally from Galway, Ireland and now based in the San Francisco Bay area, has been improvising for six years. She currently performs in Cats & Dogs, Purple Couch, Inner Shell, Leaves of Three, Three’s Company, Stranger than Facts, and Bus Car. She studied improv at Leela, Endgames, Moment, All Out Comedy in the Bay Area and has attended Improv Utopia East, West, and Yosemite. She has performed at Red Rocks Improv Festival, Happy Valley XL Improv Festival, Wasatch Improv Festival, Oakland Comedy Festival, Rise Comedy Festival (as part of intensive), InterCity Festival, Countdown Improv Festival, and Ireland Fest. She loves to photograph improvisors in action and capture moments that showcase their talents. When not performing, Geraldine loves to go camping with her very supportive husband, son, and dogs. She firmly believes at the heart of improv is community; improv, like a good cup of tea, has brought so much joy to her life.

Michael J. Astrauskas, originally from Montréal, Québec, Canada, is an improvisor based in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States, and has been improvising for over ten years. He has studied at Endgames Improv, Camp Improv Utopia, as well as at many festivals and with visiting teachers. He performs regularly at Endgames Improv, Leela Improv, and Made Up Theatre, and occasionally teaches at Endgames Improv. Festivals include Red Rocks Improv Festival, Wasatch Improv Festival, Palm Beach Improv Festival, Countdown Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, and Rise Comedy Festival. His teams include Cats & Dogs, Charmers Duo, Unicorn Kingdom, and Make Your Own Damn Sandwich.

Michael is a producer for the San Francisco Improv Festival, InterCity Improv, and Improv in Action. He’s staff at Camp Improv Utopia as well as the director of its Tiny Improv Festival. In the past he’s produced Harold Night at Endgames Improv for 3.5 years and produced independent improv show SFBarprov for 5 years. He loves to take photos, and can be seen capturing moments at Bay Area festivals and shows, as well as officially for Leela Improv in San Francisco. Making friends is what got Michael into improv, and the community is the number one reason he’s stuck around since 2013.