Fleeting Reminiscence

Inspired by the works of American playwright Tennessee Williams, Diana Brown and Jerry Ruoti improvise a slice of life replete with the lyrical, poetic language Williams is known for. Celebrating the beauty, fragility and humor of the human condition.

Liz Baker (musical direction), Diana Brown, Jerry Ruoti
San Francisco, Calif.


Fleeting Reminiscence will perform in the 7:15 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Saturday, August 10.




Diana Brown is an improv artist, teaching artist, actor, producer, director and voiceover artist. She was voted most valuable mentor and teacher at the San Francisco Improv Festival. She leads the improv program at Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s School of Theatre. Diana is Director of Community, Senior Producer and Instructor with Leela Theatre in San Francisco. In addition to Fleeting Reminiscence, she’s half of the improv duo Bingewatch, she plays with the improvised Shakespeare trio Gamesome Frolic, the trios POPTOP and The Witches, and the Twilight Zone-inspired But of Mind.

Jerry Ruoti is a San Francisco improviser that has performed all over the Bay Area and California. Jerry is a company member at BATS Improv. He performs with Diana Brown in his improvised Tennessee Williams duo, Fleeting Reminiscence, as well as the improv duo Wine and Weasels, with Susie Sargent. Jerry is also the founding member of two Bay Area improv groups, Improv Lab and the duo (sometimes trio) The Trifecta.