Gamesome Frolic

“Such stuff as dreams are made of!” -William Shakespeare

Shakespeare liked to control every word. Improv begs us to let go! Clown jesters Diana Brown and Radhika Rao are caught in the middle and plot to bring the two together to a merry completion with the help of court musician, Mick Shaffer, accompanying them on a Veillette Gryphon 12-string guitar! It’s fancy words, it’s heightened emotions, it’s gorgeous original compositions: It’s Gamesome Frolic!

Diana Brown, Radhika Rao
Accompanist: Mick Shaffer
San Francisco, Calif.


Gamesome Frolic will perform in the 7:10 p.m. block at the HCC Mainstage Theatre on Friday, August 9.

Previous Countdown Improv Festival appearances




Diana Brown
Radhika Rao
Mick Shaffer


This troupe came to be one night at Leela Theatre in San Francisco when one of the groups scheduled to appear couldn’t attend. Radhika, Diana, and Michael were all appearing in another project. When the producers learned of the cancellation, they asked Diana and Radhika to appear as a Shakespearean duo to fill in for the missing troupe. They agreed and asked Michael to join them as their music director. They played and slayed and were invited back to play again and yet again. Now they’re taking Gamesome Frolic on the road!