That’s What She Said Improv

This comedic duo of experienced improvisors turns the stage into a multi-character performance inspired by an event the audience suggests. Hilarity ensues as unique characters are created, and relationships develop to enact the dramedy that accompanies most group outings. They really are Two People Too Funny To Miss!

Conni Eckstein, Susan Porter
Oklahoma City, Okla.


That’s What She Said Improv will perform in the 7:15 p.m. block at the 3’s Company Stage on Friday, August 9.



Susan Porter and Conni Eckstein met through their improv class in 2019. They first performed with Pop-Up Improv OKC, a long form troupe with four fellow classmates. Realizing their improv chemistry during performances with Pop-Up, Susan and Conni decided to strike out into duo-prov. These Oklahoma City area performers are so in tune with each other they morphed during their first show and now share one mind. They truly are Two People Too Funny To Miss!