Wreck League

The heart of long-form improv lies in the exploration of the unknown. Watch as our team fearlessly dives into uncharted comedic territory, armed with nothing but their imagination and support. The stage becomes a playground of possibilities, where every scene is a delightful surprise waiting to unfold.

Jay Bogdanowitsch, Jennifer Roasa, Alex Streu
Orlando, Fla.


Wreck League will perform in the 9:45 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Wednesday, August 7.


Wreck League is a long form improv troupe based in Orlando, Fla. The troupe has been born out of previous long form improv students from Nitro Theater in Orlando, including the director and head instructor for all classes at Nitro Theater, Alex Streu. Wreck League has performed numerous shows in the Orlando area along with performing a full set at the 2024 Miami Improv Festival in January 2024. This trio consists of Alex Streu, Jennifer Roasa, and Jay Bogdanowitsch. All players have completed the full curriculum at Nitro Theater over several years including studying long form improv at the advanced level on an ongoing fashion at Nitro Theater. All three players have also completed the full Acting curriculum at Art’s Sake Film Acting Studio in Orlando, and even landing invites to the coveted advanced ongoing acting course titled “Advanced Intensive” at Art’s Sake Film Acting Studio.

Alex Streu is the founder, director, and head instructor at Nitro Theater, a long form improv theater. Jay Bogdanowitsch has studied long form improv since Fall 2020 and has performed in numerous commercials, short films, and independent films and theater performances. Jennifer Roasa has studied extensively in acting and long form improv along with short form improv classes. Alex Streu additionally started the Grand Prix, a competition improv show hosted by Nitro Theater where teams from around Orlando and the state of Florida to compete against each other over five weekends doing Long Form Improv. Jay Bogdanowitsch and Jennifer Roasa performed in the Grand Prix under the umbrella of another long form improv troupe titled “Minus Reginald” and came in Second Place at the 2023 Grand Prix Long Form Competition Show, where all teams get a chance to perform every Friday night for five weeks.