Swept Away: A Soap Opera

Drama! Romance! Intrigue! Cleaning supplies? Swept Away: A Soap Opera is an unconventional tale with the trappings of daytime drama. The catch? One character is played by a broom. Let the story sweep you off your feet!

Lauren Aquino Kochanowski, Amanda Rogers, Dan Row
Madison, Wis.


Swept Away: A Soap Opera will perform in the 9:00 p.m. block at the 3’s Company Stage on Saturday, August 10.



Three friends from Atlas Improv realized they could revolutionize the fine art of improvisation by replacing one of their performers with cleaning supplies. Amanda Rogers and Lauren Kochanowski perform a sweeping, majestic soap opera-style show with assistance from tech support Dan Row and a common broom. Prepare to be: Swept Away.