CatBomb presents, “Atomic GAS!” A fully improvised sci-fi thriller set in the nifty 1950’s! Come join in the fun and provide suggestions that help guide suburbanites, Bert and Doris on an adventure of science, self-discovery and saving the planet! What could be more neat-o than that?!

Michael Greenbaum, Catherine Napper
Long Grove, Ill.


CatBomb will perform in the 7:15 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Saturday, August 10.

Previous Countdown Improv Festival appearances

2023, 2022, 2021



CatBomb is the versatile improv duo of Catherine Napper and Michael Greenbaum, Chicago-based improvisors. Michael and Cat have been creating, performing and producing comedy together for seven years. CatBomb has performed at The Bughouse Theater, Theater Above the Law, the Countdown Improv Festival, Orlando Comedy Festival, The Last Word Comedy Festival, Elgin Fringe Festival as well as countless times on the virtual stage. They are also founding members and performers of the unique, Chicago-based Improv team, ImprovBus!

Catherine Frances Napper is a writer, improviser, storyteller and teacher. She was a longstanding member of the Illegitimate Players, a Chicago-based Emmy Award-winning comedy group, and is a founding member of ImprovBus! Michael Greenbaum is an improviser and mental health professional with a lifelong love of comedy. He is a founding member of ImprovBus and also improvises with the Therapy Players, a Chicago-based troupe.