Victoria Koenitzer

Victoria is an improviser based in San Diego, California. She currently performs on a Finest City Improv house team (Found Family, an Armando team), a Mockingbird Improv house team (an Armando team), and several indie teams (including Harold, Deconstruction, and Slacker teams). She was also on two World’s Greatest Improv School house teams (online). Victoria is a graduate of Finest City Improv who has also trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade, World’s Greatest Improv School, Cornerstone Improv, Camp Improv Utopia Yosemite, the Pack Theater, Mockingbird Improv, and Second City. She has been influenced by her teachers from across the globe, including Will Hines, Brian James O’Connell, and Alex Berg. She has performed at multiple festivals as part of the ensemble team, including the: 2022 Edinburgh International Improv Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland), 2022 Happy Valley XL Improv Festival (Pennsylvania), 2022 Orange County Improv Festival (California), and 2022 Improv Fest Ireland (Dublin, Ireland). She also performed in the 2022 Impride Comedy Festival (San Diego, California) with one of her indie improv teams. She has also performed at Amazing Comedy Theater (Huntington Beach, California). She currently teaches core curriculum classes at Finest City Improv (including a seven-week Harold class) and coaches several indie teams. She has also taught at Cornerstone Improv and she currently independently teaches workshops.

San Diego, Calif.


Victoria Koenitzer will perform with the festival ensemble on the Commodore Stage from Thursday, August 10 through Saturday, August 12.