Self Portrait with Evening Palm

Self Portrait with Evening Palm is my story of divided passions. There’s a crack in the sidewalk that runs through my middle. Who am I really? A photographer, a poet, an improviser, a mother-of-the-bride, a storyteller, comedian, wreathmaker, a cook, a friend, a lover, a clown? Maybe the audience knows.

Victoria Dym
Tampa, Fla.


Self Portrait with Evening Palm will perform in the 7:00 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Wednesday, August 7.


Victoria Dym


Victoria Dym has played at the Countdown Improv Festival with The Conglomeration in 2023, as an ensemble member in 2022, and with Chicken & Waffles in 2018, 2019, and online in 2020. Solo improv shows include: The Haiku Lady online in 2020 and HCC Mainstage at Countdown in 2021, and Judge Trudy at The MAR in 2022. Currently, Victoria directs and plays in FourSquares, who are the undefeated champions of The Ebb & Flow Show at The Commodore. She has also played as a guest in The Captain’s Wheel, Salud & Happy Days, Hot Goss, and Law and Commorder at the Commodore. She directed and played in Poetry On the Lighter Side in April 2024 at the Commodore, a show that combines her two passions ~ poetry and improv.