The Bitter And

The show starts with ‘a weird way to die’ ask. Then the Bitter And works through a scene or series of scenes playing on the suggestion. Maybe someone dies or maybe they don’t. We never know until we get to the end.

Scott Shoaf, Matt Walker
St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Bitter And will perform in the 8:20 p.m. block on Thursday, August 15.

Previous Countdown Improv Festival appearances:


Troupe bio:

Scott Shoaf and Matt Walker have performed together in TroupeX and decided to branch out with their own trio project. With a love for narrative, absurdity, and going to dark places The Bitter And was formed. Matt has performed for 10+ years with a variety of groups including The Third Thought and The Bitter And. Scott has performed with a variety of groups including Previously On, TroupeX, and duo group Almost Funny.