Discover the enchanting world of improv with Synchronicity, a unique trio from Sarasota that breathes new life into classic fairytales. Watch as they spin audience suggestions into imaginative continuations of a beloved story revealing what really happened after “happily ever after.” Join us for a whimsical, interactive performance where your ideas lead the adventure!

Teresa Bueno, Colleen Sherman, Jeff Sherman
Sarasota, Fla.


Synchronicity will perform in the 7:00 p.m. block at the 3’s Company Stage on Thursday, August 8.



Teresa Bueno is known for her quick wit and boundless imagination. With nearly six years of improv performances in the U.S., Paris, Sweden, England, and Canada and a lifelong passion for storytelling, Teresa brings depth and dynamism to every performance. Her ability to slip into any character, from a wistful princess to a cunning witch, is as much fun for her as the audience. Off stage, Teresa leads workshops in creative improvisation, inspiring others to find their voice and embrace the unpredictable joy of improv.

Jeff Sherman is the troupe’s comedic powerhouse, whose impeccable timing and sharp humor leave audiences in stitches. An audience favorite in the local improv scene, Jeff continues to hone his craft in performances across Florida, earning accolades for his bold character choices and unexpected plot twists. Beyond his stage presence, Jeff is a skilled sketch writer with insights on the art of improvisation and the magic of co-creating stories with an audience.

Colleen Sherman weaves narratives with ease and ensures every story lands with impact. Her endless pursuit of improv excellence along with her quick wit are integral sources of her unique perspective on character development and story arcs, allowing her to bring new twists to the tales we thought we knew. Colleen’s sharp humor and snappy approach to performance make her a favorite among audiences.