… mumbles …

…mumbles… emerges from under the overcast skies of the Steel City with their peculiar brand of “Pittsburgh-style improv” — familiar-yet-eerie locales, characters hilariously heartbreaking, a bit of Warhol, a bit of Appalachia, all covered in fries and vinegar slaw and served on a funicular. The duo consists of Ryan Nuzzo and Michael Ondrick, who have taught and performed in the Pittsburgh scene for over six years and only regret it when they have to turn down a date or a wrestling show because of some f*cking show they agreed to do several months prior.

Ryan “Flyhead” Nuzzo, Michael Ondrick
Pittsburgh, Pa.


… mumbles … will perform in the 7:15 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Saturday, August 12.

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