Improñol combines the life experiences of the U.S. and Venezuela together in a seamless improvised narrative where language knows no borders. This duo uses English and Spanish interchangeably while providing memorable characters and relationships in a fast-paced show.

Blad Moreno, Nelson Velazquez
Chicago, Ill.


Improñol will perform in the 7:15 p.m. block at the 3’s Company Stage on Friday, August 9.

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Improñol is a groundbreaking improvisational duo that masterfully blends the cultural and linguistic nuances of the U.S. and Venezuela into an enthralling narrative. This unique performance transcends conventional storytelling by erasing linguistic barriers, allowing English and Spanish to flow together as one. The duo expertly crafts memorable characters and relationships, thrusting them into a whirlwind of scenarios that unfold in a fast-paced, dynamic showcase. Their ability to switch languages seamlessly not only entertains but also bridges cultural gaps, offering audiences a rich, inclusive experience.