Hot Pursuit

John Windmueller and Andy McIntyre love action movies. They love them so much they perform the best parts of action movies live on stage.

Andy McIntyre, John Windmueller
Baltimore, Md.


Hot Pursuit will perform in the 8:00 p.m. block at the HCC Mainstage Theatre on Saturday, October 23.

Previous Countdown Improv Festival appearances


Interview with John Windmueller (from 2018):

Tell us a little bit about Hot Pursuit, your duo with Andy McIntire. You guys do improvised movie chase scenes. What can audiences expect to see, and what inspired the idea for your form?

We do a two-person/duoprov movie format, but instead of improvising an entire film, we get right to the good stuff: the action-packed chase scene! Both Andy and I love the movie format, with its cinematic edits and genre play. The secret is that it’s totally not about the chase scene. It’s about discovering great characters and relationships, and then the chase scene serves as a fun excuse to throw those characters into ridiculously high stakes, high action situations and see what happens.

What are your personal favorite movie chase scenes of all time?

I love frantic chase scenes that spill out and weirdly cross through the mundane, everyday world. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Point Break both have great examples of that.

You’re based out of both Baltimore and D.C., where you teach and perform at Baltimore Improv Group and the Washington Improv Theater, and also direct WIT’s corporate training program, WIT@Work. What do you find particularly special about the improv scenes in both cities?

Washington Improv Theater (WIT) is one of the largest improv theaters in the US, and it’s great to be part of that enormous, well-developed improv community. The Baltimore Improv Group (BIG) is much smaller, but it still has an amazing pool of very experienced improvisers (folks stick around Baltimore) and a track record of doing experimental, wild stuff. So the short answer is that D.C. is more professional, Baltimore is more weird, and I enjoy getting to have a foot in both worlds.

In addition to your work in Baltimore & D.C., you also teach and perform all over the country. What do you find exciting about traveling to teach and do shows in different places? Any favorite memories from an improv trip you’ve taken?

I’m a total improv nerd and love getting to see how different improv communities are growing and transforming this relatively young art form. I’ve yet to meet an improv community I didn’t like and learn from, so my favorite trip is all of them (hokey but true)

OK, so I don’t know if this is weird, but I (Kelly) follow you on Instagram and, as a result, I’m sort of obsessed with your dog. This isn’t even a question, really, I just want you to tell people about your adorable dog.

I am also obsessed with my dog! His name is Eli, he’s a rescue, and he’s half lab, half beagle, and completely wonderful. I’ve had him for a little over two months and we’ve already developed an intense co-dependent relationship. He’s been resting at my feet, snoring loudly, the entire time I’ve been writing this.