Foolhardy (Adj): fül-här-dē: Foolishly adventurous; recklessly bold: RASH

Imbued with a blatant disregard for jeopardy or consequence, drawn together by a shared love of farce, tragedy, absurdity, and the joyous uplift that is live theater, Foolhardy endeavors to tell universal stories infused with abundant detail. Expect lovable and troubled characters living their lives with a soupçon of absurdity as well as a slathering of silliness. And there is singing . . . oh yes . . . plenty of singing. Audacious and absurd together at last!

Ted McClellan, Mick Shaffer
San Francisco, Calif.


Foolhardy will perform in the 9:00 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Saturday, August 10.



Foolhardy, comprised of Ted McClellan and Mick Shaffer, was born out of a mutual love of improvisation, music, and acting. The two performers first met in San Francisco in 2019, while performing together at the Leela Improv Theatre, and realized immediately that they shared a desire to expand the vocabulary of improv by melding the comedic and the dramatic with a focus on character work. Foolhardy solicits a quote from the audience (from a movie, play, poem, song lyric, inside joke, family saying, refrigerator post-it . . . ANYTHING!) and creates a richly textured world exploring those themes that connect and separate us and make us uniquely and farcically human. Foolhardy has performed in the San Francisco Bay Area at the following fine establishments: Leela Improv Theater, Pianofight Theater, SAFEhouse Center for the Performing Arts, The Lost Church, Made-Up Theater, All Out Comedy Theater, and Morpho Theater. In 2023, Foolhardy appeared at the Red Rocks Improv Festival in Cedar City, Utah.

Ted McClellan is a professional actor who has performed in theaters across the country. In the San Francisco Bay Area improv scene, he has performed with Made-Up Theatre’s mainstage cast; and in Poker Face, one of the house teams with American Improv Theatre. Mick Shaffer has worked as an actor, improvisor, standup comedian, and comedy writer in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco since 1979. He was a member of the legendary First Amendment Improv Comedy Troupe in New York and is also a current member of the Shakespearian improv trio, Gamesome Frolic, in San Francisco. Mick has appeared in commercials, voice-overs, episodic television and has written and performed several one-man shows Off-Off Broadway. He has had the good fortunate to have worked with the likes of Robin Williams, Bruce Willis, Alan Arkin, Gilbert Gottfried, & Denis Leary. He is also a San Francisco-based singer/songwriter and musician who has released three full-length albums of original songs. Both Ted and Mick have appeared as members of the improv ensembles Objectively Speaking and Poetic License at the Leela Improv Theater Company in San Francisco. Foolhardy is directed by Diana Brown.