Echo Chamber+

Echo Chamber+ is a time warping musical / improv performance. Armed with a sound-looping pedal, one improviser will spontaneously combust into music by harmonizing with their own voice, first bending time into the shape of a song then a story, one loop at a time.

Dan Row
Madison, Wis.


Echo Chamber+ will perform in the 7:00 p.m. block at the HCC Studio Theatre on Sunday, August 11.



As a child, Dan Row spent many hours out in the prairie making up stories for nobody, a habit that continues to this day. Dan found improv in 2015 and quickly became an active member of Atlas Improv in Madison, Wis. Dan now performs, teaches, and coaches regularly at Atlas and has served as the artistic director of Atlas Improv since 2017. Outside of improv, Dan enjoys video games, making art, and committing useless information to memory.