Beautiful Dreamers

Our show True Crime: the Musical gets the suggestion of a victim, location, and murder weapon. From there we reenact the murder as our opening and then perform a show of the events leading up to the murder at the end.

Maggie Lalley, Jillian Vitko
New York, N.Y.


Beautiful Dreamers will perform in the 7:00 PM block on Wednesday, August 12.

Watch their show on Twitch:


Troupe bio

Beautiful Dreamers (Jillian Vitko & Maggie Lalley) was formed out of a musical house team at the Magnet Theater that both Jill and Maggie were on. From there, they created their original show “True Crime: The Musical” and have performed at numerous festivals around the country as well as all around NYC. They’ve performed hundreds of shows together, and they’re ready and willing to go wherever a show may take them!