Alex Lee

I’ve been an improviser since 2015 and based in Los Angeles, CA, but I’ve been trained and performed at many different places, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area, then the Atlanta scene, and now back in California. I am also a long time member of the Camp Improv Utopia community, studying with teachers and performers across the country. I’ve studied and love playing a variety of styles, from narrative improv to more artistic forms. Regardless of the style, I firmly believe that the core of my improv approach is solid scene work with my scene partner, and also remembering to have fun.

I’m a member of the online and in-person trio Leaves of Three, the LA-based team Space Heater, and the online team Unicorn Kingdom. I’m also one of the organizers of the online InterCity Long Form Improv Jam, which organized online jams and other events during the pandemic.

Los Angeles, Calif.


Alex Lee will perform with the festival ensemble around 8:30 pm each night on the Commodore Stage from Thursday, August 11 through Saturday, August 13.