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Spotlight On: Anomaly

“Oklahoma is great, it has two seasons: The ice knife winds and the hot mouth of hell.”

Anomaly is a longstanding improv duo from Oklahoma City comprised of Shane McClure and Sue Ellen Reiman. The duo will make their Countdown Improv Festival debut in 2022, and will perform in the HCC Studio Theatre in the 7:15 p.m. block on Saturday night. In this spotlight interview, McClure and Reiman discuss their longevity as a duo, memories from Anomaly shows over the years, and the two dominant seasons in Oklahoma City.

We’re so excited to have Anomaly performing with us at Countdown this year! Tell us a little bit about what audiences can expect from your show when you take the stage on Saturday night.

Anomaly: We usually play three different scenes based on a line of dialogue suggested by the audience.

The two of you have incredible longevity as a duo, having performed together for over 30 years. How has playing and building that trust together for that long informed where you are today as a duo?

Anomaly: We have known each other and wisecracked together since before college in the ‘70s. We’ve performed Shakespeare. original plays  and children’s theatre and toured across Oklahoma. So, as far as references and allusions we use and the inferences we make, we could almost be the same person — however, Shane has definite irascible qualities that play off against Sue Ellen’s sarcastic wit.

What are a couple of your favorite memories from Anomaly shows over the years?

Anomaly: An early show put Shane as a frustrated son in a nearly impassable room with a hoarder mother.

The two of you perform with OKC Improv in Oklahoma City. What makes Oklahoma City special and what would you tell a first-time visitor to check out there?

Anomaly: Oklahoma is great, it has two seasons: The ice knife winds and the hot mouth of hell. This capitol city hosts many boneheaded politicians, but has an array of new parks, bike paths, museums, as well as performing arts thanks to a reasonable mayor and city council.

Other than the festival (naturally!), what are you most excited to do/see in Tampa while you’re here?

Anomaly: On Sunday we plan to go to the Dali Museum and have tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays game!