Sandy Handley

Have actively been performing/studying improv for 13+ years. Done most program levels through out the Bay Area‚Ķfrom BATS to All Out Comedy. Worked w/Joya Cory s Full Spectrum to doing bits of study with David Razowsky, Aretha Sills, The Pack Theater to the present 2 + years of numerous online classes. Am on 4 performance teams at the present time. “The Vocalettes” a musical improv trio. “Tooth Fairy Conspiracy” a house team through Queen City Comedy. “Tiny Dinos” a team originally put together after an audition thru The Nursery Theater out of Europe but now on our own. And a Vintage Woman s Team that I put together about a year 1/2 ago who all met thru Vintage Improv and perform 3 – 4x a month.

San Francisco, Calif.


Sandy Handley will perform with the festival ensemble around 8:30 pm each night on the Commodore Stage from Thursday, August 11 through Saturday, August 13.