Ensemble submission

Thanks for your interest in the 2022 Countdown Improv Festival ensemble, directed by Anthony Francis. New to the festival this year, the Festival Ensemble is the latest iteration of our commitment to creating spaces for experimental improv and comedy. Ensemble members will work together before and during the festival to create a cohesive, experimental show that is rooted in improv but will probably also incorporate bits, runners, ongoing themes, and the like.

This opportunity is available exclusively for those improvisers who wish to participate in Countdown, but do not have an existing trio, duo, or solo act. We anticipate casting 8-10 improvisers in the 2022 festival ensemble; the ensemble, together with ensemble director Anthony Francis, will work collaboratively via Zoom in the months leading up to the event, both to craft a cohesive┬ávision for the ensemble’s performances, and to rehearse together. We also will provide on-site rehearsal time during the day on Thursday and Friday for the group. Ensemble members will also have input into the visual identity of the space.

The festival ensemble will perform on the festival’s Commodore Stage. First launched in 2019, the Commodore Stage is Countdown’s curated, experimental side stage, featuring a hand-picked selection of acts that specialize in exuberant, kinetic improv comedy. We are excited to add the festival ensemble to its illustrious ranks!

This description is for internal use in evaluating submissions, and will not be circulated to the public.
Provide a link to a video of a performance that accurately reflects your comedic sensibility. If you don't have a video, just write "None" in the above field. ***Note: If we already know your work, a video isn't all that important. If we do *not* already know your work, a video is very very very important, and new performers that apply to the festival without a video will be disadvantaged in the evaluation process.***
The guidelines are here: https://countdownimprovfestival.com/submissionguidelines/