Sponsor a seat

The Countdown Improv Festival is the world’s first and only improv festival devoted exclusively to trio, duo, and solo improv comedy. This year’s festival (August 15-17, 2019) will be our biggest and best yet — but we can’t make it happen alone.

Though we’re working hard to secure partnerships with local businesses in Tampa, we still need help from supporters near and far to help us bring this event to the masses in August. As in years past, the festival will take place in a 75-seat black-box theater, and we’re looking to find people to sponsor as many of those seats as we can.

If you choose to sponsor a seat, we will attach a placard to one of those seats for the duration of the festival, bearing your name — or someone’s name, doesn’t have to be yours — and a message of your choice (within reason, don’t be a jerk). The sponsorships are always a big hit with the audience. (Seriously, we have trouble getting people to leave the theater during show breaks, because everyone stands around reading the messages on the seats.)

We’re offering three tiers of sponsorship for this year:

Standard sponsor: For $25, get your name — or any name, really — and the message of your choice on a seat at the festival.

Zarling Stage sponsor: For $40, get your name and message on one of only 20 seats in the L.E. Zarling Stage: the festival’s brand-new second stage reserved exclusively for cutting-edge, boundary-pushing improv.

Front row sponsor: Get your name on the best seat in the house for just $100. This is an especially great option for those looking to raise visibility for their businesses, though individuals are, of course, welcome to elect this option, too.

All proceeds go directly into funding the festival and making it the best experience possible for our performers and audience members. If you’d like to sponsor a seat, please fill out the below form. Thank you for your support!

This can be your name, your business, your friend's name, your favorite Muppet... really, it's up to you.
Anything you'd like, within the general bounds of good taste and human decency!